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anyone still read this?

i paid $150 for a permanent account a couple of years ago. i should use it more often.

new Epitome open

If you're in Tallahassee, the new Epitome is open for business at 1511 Jackson Bluff. go say hi to Chandler!

Different name, same awesome, and pastries from Au Peche Mignon.

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  • 11:10 can't sleep. 2 hours can't be enough.. #
  • 18:51 picked up a bar shift, so come by and say hi between 9 and 2 #
  • 03:16 has had more weekend than any one person should #
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  • 11:17 has a sore throat. damn weather changes #
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  • 14:05 doesn't like sneakiness or sketchery #
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  • 10:00 doesn't know where to start #
  • 11:29 something to do for 5 minutes, if you're into it #
  • 11:29 tinyurl.com/69wu36 #
  • 15:14 cleaned the bathroom. a pretend accomplishment for a boring afternoon. #
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a note from Truewill, The Engine Room

[as posted on http://www.tallahasseeshows.org]

-Just a little info for everyone...

I don't know how to say it other than to just say it, so here it is.

Tallahassee. I have been here for 15 years, and I don't plan on leaving.

Why does everyone leave this town? I think a big part of it is the "lack".

Lack of people that care in the position to make things better?
Lack of a "scene"? Lack of any good shows? Lack of people that care in general?
Lack of effort from the right people?

Every club I have ever worked in or played in had one thing in common. One bad thing.

The owner was money hungry, and didn't care about anything but that.
Didn't care about the scene, only how it affected the money. Didn't care about people, only the money they bring.
Didn't care about the quality of the music, only whether people would come.
This is a business, and there are always bills to pay, but making money isn't the point. Making things better for everyone is.
Making things better for the bands that play here, making things better for the people that come here, making things better for the people who live in Tallahassee.

The reason I got involved in the beta bar in the first place was because I wanted there to be something in this town that really mattered. Not that it does. But it could.

I have a problem though. I am not one of you. What I listen to, and what I care about isn't the same.

So, that being said, how do I make this place something for everyone? Where everyone is comfortable, everyone has a say, and everyone gets to see and hear what they want? You can't make everyone happy all the time, but you can try. There are a lot of people that don't like the changes that have happened, but the point was to make the room better for every type of show that comes through. The small punk shows and folk shows, and the sold out mainstream pop shit.

I need some input. From all of you guys.
Ouikut helps, and so do a few others, but what about the rest of you?
This thread is for you guys to let me, and the rest up here, know what you want.

What bands do you guys want us to get in here?
What changes do you want to see happen?
What would make this place better to/for you?

Hate mail is also accepted. But doesn't really help much.


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  • 12:18 more than a little hungover. but got up at 9 like a good little soldier. #
  • 14:41 could use a cold ginger ale and a solid nap #
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