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actual content...

i've been going through some sort of turning-30-in-august "mid-life crisis" kind of thing, so i apologize if i've been weird. just smile and nod and it will pass. :) i want to do another grill-fest for my birthday and i think the attendance last year is a good sign that you're interested, too. let me know if you think it's a bad idea.

evan peterson (of kevin & evan fame) is staying with me until the end of the month. we had a couple of arguments at first, but its working out nicely (now that everyone has equal internet access) and i'm pretty impressed with how quickly i've adjusted to a new person in all of my space. i even moved into the spare bedroom and gave him my room so i wouldn't wake him up every morning when i let the dogs out, which is a huge difference in how things work. it's also a huge difference in how much crap is in the spare bedroom, and i think you'll be amazed when you see how much stuff i got rid of to do this. (and the dogs are adjusting smoothly which is the most important thing to me)

it's pretty strange to have someone around all the time again. i have to keep going back to when i had roommates to remember how you handle things when there's someone else to consider. i think it's going to work out ok, as long as we respect each other.

work is...work. there have been a couple of new hires, so there's less actual work but more explaining going on. they're in the process of switching us over to a total .Net environment, so it should be really irritating soon. i can't wait.

um... i guess that's it. here's hoping palestine and isreal don't blow each other up, and let me know if you have any tips or tricks for getting gum out of carpet.


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Jul. 2nd, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
Isn't ice supposed to work pretty well for getting gum out of stuff?
Jul. 2nd, 2006 02:23 pm (UTC)
I've read the following after some google searches:
"I clean carpets for a living.. when we come across gum in the carpet, we have little bottles of freon.. (availabe at carpet cleaning supply houses) yes the same freon you use in your fridge or ac.. 12 or 22.. I dont know about the new 134 stuff.. spraying it on the gum freezes it solid.. then you just hammer it and it busts into a million pieces.. leaving the carpet unharmed.. even in the gum is matted deep., it end up in particals. I would assume it would work with clothing and hair too..."

then i read this:
"use white distilled vinegar, let is soak it, then it will come straight off. "

but 90% of the answers say, "USE ICE!"
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